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CUPE 3906 By-Laws — Re: Mail-in Balloting

Dear Members,

Some members have noted that they are unable to attend the upcoming Special Membership Meeting this Sunday at 4pm, and the ratification vote folowing the meeting and on Monday between 10 and 4pm.  Unfortunately, the By-Laws do allow proxy or electronic voting, although they can sometimes allow mail-in balloting. Sorry about this, but this type of voting is not allowed for strike or ratification votes. We regret that the timing of the vote may not be ideal for everyone, as we want as many members as possible to be able to vote, but the University administration has forced the timing of this vote.   Please see the By-Laws, and the relevant Article, below:

4.1 – Mail-In Balloting

(a) Any member in good standing who is a Research Assistant in lieu of a Teaching Assistant and working off-campus, as approved by the School of Graduate Studies, shall have the ability to mail-in votes, in accordance with 4.1 (b).

(b) A member working off-campus shall be eligible for mail-in ballot when:

i) A notice of motion has been given.
ii) And, that member makes herself/himself known to the Executive of the Local within a reasonable time prior to the vote.
iii) And, provides the Executive of the Local with documentation demonstrating her/his off-campus work status.

(c) Upon official notification of off-campus status and the desire and eligibility to cast a mail-in ballot, the Vice-President shall mail the notice of motion and a ballot indication “In favour”, “Against”, “Abstention” with a stamped envelope to the member. The Vice-President shall tabulate all such votes, in the presence of a witness, and report these results to the President at the General Membership Meeting at which a vote is to happen due to a notice of motion.

(d) Notwithstanding, it is understood that this mail-in balloting does not apply to balloting conducted for the purposes of the following:

i) Ratification of tentative agreements with the Employer.
ii) An “offer last received” vote.
iii) Strike Votes.
iv) CUPE National Referendums.
v) Any other votes where mail-in balloting is prohibited By-Law.


One Response to “CUPE 3906 By-Laws — Re: Mail-in Balloting”

  1. Is this vote being supervised by the Ministry of Labour? The dailynews release says that you “agreed” to allow a vote. Are they lying? How did they force you to have this vote?

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