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Day of Action — Press Release — Our Strike Makes Headlines

NEWS RELEASE – On a student Day of Action, Queen’s Park must take action – November 5 2009

On a student ‘Day of Action,’ Queen’s Park must take action on unreasonable tuition hikes

TORONTO, Ont. – As students across Ontario take part in a ‘Day of Action’ for a poverty-free Ontario, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario Sid Ryan issued a call to Premier Dalton McGuinty to implement the simplest anti-student poverty measure possible—putting a stop to unreasonable tuition hikes.

“We have members in Hamilton who are on strike right now at McMaster University, and one of the key sticking points has been the university’s insistence on raising tuition and student fees far above the rate of inflation,” said Ryan.

Members of CUPE 3906, representing more than 3,000 teaching assistants (TAs) and research assistants (RAs) at McMaster, went on strike earlier in the week. Among the outstanding issues on the table is the University Board of Governors’ recent approval of tuition increases ranging from $250 for undergraduate teaching assistants to $753 for international graduate student teaching assistants.

“This is not the direction Ontario’s universities should be taking. If anything, our universities should be reducing tuition fees and the province should be taking steps to eliminate them outright,” said Ryan.

Ryan, who attended the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario Day of Action events in Toronto, also called on students and union members to show their support for striking McMaster teaching and research assistants by joining them this afternoon on the picket line. Striking TAs and RAs will be joined by their supporters this afternoon at McMaster University’s Stirling entrance at 4:30 p.m.


For more information contact:

Sid Ryan, CUPE Ontario President: 416-209-0066

Kevin Wilson, CUPE Communications: 416-821-6641


One Response to “Day of Action — Press Release — Our Strike Makes Headlines”

  1. Interesting idea. Eliminate tuition fees, and increase taxes so much to pay for it that parents can’t afford their children’s dorm fees. I have a friend who earned his doctorate in Sweden, where there is no tuition. In his opinonone a significant consequence of a “free” university education is that many students don’t take it seriously, or work very hard to finish it. I would also guess that another consequence would have to be introduction of “out of province” tuition fees, but people being taxed to the gills would rebell at paying for the educations of people who haven’t and may never contribute to Ontario’s tax base.

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