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About CUPE 3906

Contact CUPE Local 3906

Office: B108 Wentworth House

Ext: 24003


What is CUPE 3906?

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada’s largest union, representing close to 500,000 workers in a wide range of occupations. CUPE encourages all its members to participate actively in their Local and to contribute to improving their working conditions. Local 3906 at McMaster University represents more than 2,800 academic workers including several hundred undergraduate Teaching Assistants and almost 200 international students. Our members also include graduate T.A.s, markers, sessional lecturers, music instructors and post-doctoral fellows outside Health Sciences. There is an active Stewards’ Council with representatives from each department and program. Membership meetings are held once a month to give all members the chance to contribute to and vote on issues affecting them.

What is The Mandate of CUPE 3906?

The primary mandate of CUPE 3906 is to represent the interests of its members as employees of McMaster University. This responsibility includes but is not limited to:

1. Bargaining our Collective Agreements with the University’s Administration

2. Ensuring that University complies with the Collective Agreements and all laws affecting the workplace

3. Advocating on equity issues and defending against all forms of harassment and discrimination

4. Promoting the principles of peace, justice and democracy locally, nationally and abroad

5. Improving the working and learning conditions of all workers and students at McMaster University

6. Advocating to improve the quality of the Undergraduate experience at McMaster

To this end CUPE 3906 is committed to the best quality of education possible at McMaster and we stand for:

• Ensuring access to post-secondary education through affordable tuition

• Realistic class sizes

• Universal access to all necessary learning resources

• Appropriate levels of support services

• Clean and safe classrooms and learning environments

• The University Administration’s obligation to give serious consideration to the concerns of all students and workers at McMaster

How and Why to Contact CUPE 3906

If you are working as a Teaching Assistant you may want to know more about your Union. You may have questions about the vision and dental benefits that are available to our members. You may simply want to drop by the office and find out how you can participate more actively in the work of Local 3906. We are located in Wentworth House, B108 (under The Phoenix). Our email address is and we are on the web at

Watch this blog for updates relating to the current round of Unit 1 collective bargaining.


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