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Bargaining Bulletin #10 – University Administration REFUSES to come to table

Your bargaining team was ready at the bargaining table at 9:15AM on Wednesday, September 30th waiting for the university administration to finally bring a new offer to the table. The University administration originally promised a new package in early September, they then moved that date back to the September 30th. Yet September 30th has come and gone, the provincial conciliator has gone home and the University Administration still has not produced a new package. They’re sticking hard to the package they proposed on August 4th which means a huge cut in take-home-pay for all TAs and reductions in the benefits, such as vision coverage, childcare and UHIP rebate, available to all TAs.

In an effort to restart the process that the University Administration has unilaterally stopped, your bargaining team told the University Administration’s team that we had movement on numerous non-monetary items that still need to be dealt with. We asked them to at least come to the table to get these cost-free details sorted out. Again, the University Administration’s bargaining team sent the message that they had absolutely no interest in meeting, no interest in movement, and no interest in bargaining.

The one message the University Administration did send was that they would not move on any of our proposals related to grant-in-aid, tuition rebates, payment for hours worked, student class size caps, and any other issue that went against their “philosophical beliefs”. Essentially they’d like it if we just went away and stopped trying to protect the future of education at McMaster. They want us to remove all our proposals that would actually start to address the numerous problems our members have identified across campus. They want us to betray our membership and just settle for a miniscule wage increase that is just a fraction of the money they took from all of us through tuition increases.

Our bargaining team is elected and empowered by our members, we will NEVER settle for a contract that results in reductions in take-home-compensation for our members.

While TAs have already seen their take  home pay reduced since the start of the new academic year, the University Administration still feels no pressure to bargain fairly. We’ve only asked for them to come to the table and bargain fairly and to work together to build a new collective agreement, and yet they have refused to hold up their end of the bargain.

The University Administration’s refusal to bargain affects not only our members, but the entire university community. We all need to come together to put pressure on the University Administration to get back to the bargaining table. We need everyone to stay informed by reading our blog at <; and to stand together in solidarity to protect the future of education at McMaster.

The University Administration is counting on their ability to divide our community, if we stand together, they will be forced to come back to the table and bargain fairly. Here’s a few things you can do to help put pressure on the University Administration and to get them back to the table:

  • Be informed: continue to read our blog
  • Be visible: pick up a red CUPE 3906 button from the CUPE office (Wentworth House B108) and wear it proudly
  • Be vocal: talk to your friends, classmates, lab members to discuss the issues and get them involved
  • Be heard: write a letter to University President Peter George asking the administration to return to the table
  • Be involved: join a strike aversion committee at: <;

Time spent since conciliation waiting for a package

05 days 05 hours 14 minutes


3 Responses to “Bargaining Bulletin #10 – University Administration REFUSES to come to table”

  1. Interesting…they continue to do this over and over with each new team that comes up. I think they think the memory disappears when students and people leave and others come. Stick to your guns…give people information…consider bad faith bargaining charges!

    Good luck!

  2. This strike needs to be averted! The increasing hostilities between the union and the university (and the frustration of TAs and undergrads in general) proves that this must be sorted out ASAP. Let’s get this done!

    The reputation of York University in failing to swiftly bargain their deal has resulted in a drop in registration this year. McMaster should want to avoid this crisis.

  3. I’m fine for the offer the University has tabled. Why don’t we just accept it and get on with our work and school?

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