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Live Mediation Updates

October 31, 2009

In keeping with our model of open and transparent bargaining, we will be publishing live updates over the next two days, direct from the bargaining table. Also, if you haven’t already done so, please use the following link to send a message to the McMaster Administration to tell them to spend the next 2 days […]

Honesty in Bargaining

October 30, 2009

Over the next few hours, we will be in mediation with the Employer in the hopes of reaching an agreement we can recommend to the membership. As the deadline approaches you can expect both sides to release messages aimed at the members, at the community and at students. Cynics and the observant will note that […]

Bargaining Update: More Mediation Dates Scheduled

October 18, 2009

After three days of marathon bargaining, there has been progress at the table. We’ve seen the Employer move positively on numerous language items, although they have yet to move away from their monetary model of putting new money solely into the wage rate. We have tabled a significantly modified monetary proposal which will be discussed […]

Live Updates From the Bargaining Table – Marathon Mediation Oct. 14-16

October 14, 2009

Dear Unit 1 Members, McMaster students and workers, and allies, After months of stalling by the University Administration, we now are in marathon bargaining, with the assistance of a government-appointed mediator, for approximately 72 hours beginning at 9am on October 14, 2009. In keeping with our model of open and transparent bargaining, we will be […]

Answers to Questions Posed on

August 23, 2009

Did the university administration (our employer) make an offer of settlement to CUPE’s bargaining team? No, the parties (the administration and the union) have not had enough time at the bargaining table for a “settlement offer” to have been made by either party.  Some progress has been made, and with each bargaining session there are […]

Bargaining Note #4.01 Strike Mandate Vote – Information

August 13, 2009

This round, we will hold the strike mandate vote over three blocks of time.  We hope that this will allow the most members to participate in the vote (e.g., members leaving on fieldwork in the fall, incoming members).   This is a difficult bargaining round: if you require more information, please feel free to refer questions […]

Bargaining Notes #3.01 – New Probationary Period off the table!

August 7, 2009

August 7, 2009. After facing significant pressure at the bargaining table from a united group of teaching assistants and bargaining team members, the Employer’s Bargaining Team caved and agreed to completely remove their new probationary period proposal from the table.  While we still have a long path to travel to get the Employer to a […]