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August 11, 2009

The collective bargaining process can be confusing and frustrating for members who have not been involved directly in the process.   To help allay concerns members may have, and to enable all members to become informed and active in the process, your elected union officers are available to answer your questions, hear your thoughts and share updated information about the status of talks and ways to get involved.

Questions about the status of bargaining ~

Your elected Bargaining Team is available anytime to answer your questions about the status of your proposals at the bargaining table, the positions being taken by the employer in negotiations, the importance of key issues, and the implications of proposals for you and your students.    The bargaining team consists of Unit 1 members (TAs and RAs from both graduate and undergraduate studies), as well as sessional faculty members and the union’s support staff.   Your elected Bargainign Team members are:

Diana Zawadzki, Unit 1 Representative

Derek Sahota, Unit 1 Representative

Rebecca Strung, Unit 1 Representative

Marc Ouellette, Unit 2 Representative

Heather Johnson, Executive Committee Representative

You can reach the Bargaining Team via e-mail at or at the union office at 905-525-9140 x24003.  We are extrememly busy at the moment, so please be patient while we answer questions and return messages in sequence.

Unit 1 members interested in running to be an elected member of the Bargaining Team should contact

Questions about the bargaining process ~

Why is a strong strike mandate so important?  Why have negotiations been so slow?  Who is entitled to vote in the strike mandate vote?

Questions such as these, which pertain to the bargaining process rather than the specific proposals advanced by union members at the table, can be sent to your elected Executive Committee at  Elected Executive officers can be reached by phone at the union office at 905-525-9140 x24003.

It is vitally important that members have accurate information about the ongoing negotiations, as this will ensure that we are able to work together to win a fair contract for all members.   Thank you for your involvement and see you soon.


2 Responses to “Contacts”

  1. hello – a friend of mine told me he received an email this afternoon from CUPE. i did not. yet, i did receive emails that were sent at other times (ie, Oct. 1st at 6:33 pm, Sept. 22nd at 12:41 pm, and others).

    i would prefer not to be put on an email list for a second time (just so as not to receive multiple copies of future emails) but, i was hoping the contents of this email would be available either on the blog here or on the other cupe site ( but i could not find anything.

    also, when i did click on “Sign up for email updates” on the .org site, i saw i had to register first. and then i clicked on that, but this is to a link that does not exist.

    would it be possible to update the blog and/or the .org site to have a complete archive of all the emails sent out to the membership?


    • Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve posted the GMM notice on the front page and have also added a link to an email archive where we’ll keep track of all the emails sent over the list.

      We recently merged the old list with the new TA list we got from University. Its quite possible you fell off the list during this process, I’ll look into it.



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