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Your Bargaining Team will update this blog with each new package provided by both parties, so as to allow all union members full access to the status of negotiations at all times.    Thank you to all members who continue to support their Bargaining Team and the proposals we’ve developed together.   With your assistance, each of the priority issues identified by the membership can be addressed through collective bargaining.

During marathon conciliation between the Union and the Employer on October 14 and 16, both parties tabled modified proposals.  Click here to view the Employer’s most recent complete offer.   As the Employer has recently publicized inaccurate details of their offer, please take the time to review their most recent our, as compared to the proposal tabled by the union, below, which was then supplemented by even less costly proposals in our supplemental packages.     Click gere to view the Union’s consolidated package.   View our first supplemental package here.  View our second supplemental package here. 

Thanks for staying informed.  Watch the blog for updated offers on October 29th and 30th. 


September 14, 2009

Click here to view the most recent consolidated package, which includes the most recent proposals on each items as tabled by both the union and the employer. 


August 12, 2009

Yesterday, both the union and the employer tabled modified proposals designed to move the negotaions process forward.  The union’s two-part package, which contains more than 30 new agreed or modified items, can be found here and (the supplemental package) here.

The employer’s package, which contains only 3 new but significant items (which will be discussed in more details on the main blog at soon), can be found here.


August 07, 2009

On August 6, 2009, the CUPE 3906 bargaining team provided the Employer’s team with 2 documents that summarize the progress made at the table over the past 6 weeks and the outstanding items still to be resolved.


August 4, 2009

Today, after approximately 5 weeks of negotiations, the Employer finally tabled their first “comprehensive” monetary package.    Their concessionary package offers a benefits and funds freeze, which would result in reduced benefits coverage for each member, and a “wage increase” of less than 1.2% per year, less than needed to cover cost of living increases, even before their tuition increases of between 4% and 8% come into effect this September, which would leave members with hundreds of dollars less in total take home compensation next year.


June 30, 2009

Today, approximately 10 weeks after issuing the Employer with notice our the Union’s desire to enter into negotiations for a new collective agreement, the parties finally exchanged initial proposals.    The Union’s complete package was developed by union members with the support of the CUPE 3906 executive and bargaining teams, and provides comprehensive improvements to the priorities identified by members.   The Employer’s initial package offers no monetary increases, some language improvements and a number of concerning concessions, all of which can be viewed in their first comprehensive package, tabled 5 weeks into the bargaining process, and viewable above.



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